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2022 Season Canceled

2022 Season Canceled

I met with Delmar yesterday afternoon, March 2nd and witnessed how devastating this was for him but it has to be done. Delmar wanted me to share this with everyone. It is with great sadness that I have to write this for Delmar but it what is best for Delmar & his family - Susan
“I want to thank everyone for their support but due to concerns that have developed I have made the decision with advice from my team of doctors that we will not be racing in 2022.
February 7th one of my bison charged the gate and the gate crashed into me, knocking me out. After a trip to the Dr it was said I had 1 cracked rib.
February 9th, I fell at home and cracked my head resulting in a trip to the ER and 5 staples. After deciding there was more going on I was transported to a Lincoln hospital where I underwent numerous test. I spent 2 weeks there where it was discovered I had 3 broken ribs, kidney stones, liver damage, tested positive for Covid which led to pneumonia and was finally told I had Cancer. It is very treatable but my body needs time to heal. Delmar”

As I type this today March 3rd Delmar was again taken to the hospital last night and transferred back to Lincoln today.

Please DO NOT call Delmar for anything. He is very sick right now and needs to take care of himself. You can send a message to me and I will try to answer any questions or concerns you have. No Negative comments either.

I will be issuing refund checks to those sponsors or drivers that have paid for advertising, pads or registrations this coming week so please bear with me. – Susan

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